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Sick With No Relief In Sight

I’ve got some sort of stomach flu. I got to work and felt like crawling into a hole and dying. I called my boss and left a message on her phone that I was sick, and desparately wanted to home and die. Left two messages and no answer. Guess this is revenge for all the times I’ve ignored her cell calls.

The other supervisor is at a funeral, so I can’t really ask him to cover for me, so I get to spend most of the day supervising from the restroom. It’s not pretty.

Hey, it hailed a little while ago. The weather around here has gotten pretty strange for this time of year. Hail, snow, rain (which is pretty usual, actually). Between that and being sick, this would’ve been a perfect day to curl up in front of the fireplace, and barf my guts out in a bucket. Mmm…there’s a visual. Hope I’ve deeply disturbed you. Nyah.

Weather PTSD

I have PTSD, and basically, when disaster looms, you either over-prepare, or curl up in a ball, and wait for the kick in the gut.

Western Washington seems to have developed Weather PTSD. After the flooding, snow, and the gail-force winds, now that some gusting is happening, and some snow is due, everyone is freaked about over-preparing. Hardware stores have booming sales of generators and kerosene heaters. Everyone is selling batteries like they’re going out of style. The stores are selling tons of bottled water, bread, toilet paper.

I’m starting to kind of like living in a totally paranoid place. Makes me feel right at home. 🙂