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Smokers Protest New Tax Proposal

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Tony Potts

The Georgia House of Representatives is moving to increase state excise taxes on cigarettes by 270 percent and pipe and smokeless tobacco by 150 percent that the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association and Americans for Tax Reform are having none of. The group of close to 100 people held a protest on Tuesday on the state Capitol`s steps.

House Bill 39 aims to increase state cigarette taxes from the current $.37 per pack to $1.37 per pack and state taxes on loose and smokeless tobacco would go up 150 percent from 10 percent of wholesale value to 25 percent of wholesale cost.

In a letter to Georgia House and Senate Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers, the ATR said, `A vote in favor of this tax hike would be a violation of the, commitment you made to your constituents to oppose any and all tax increases.`

The letter also pointed out that Georgia’s nearby states have an average cigarette tax of $.36 per pack. If the tax hike is passed, Georgians will have to pay $1.37 in state taxes per pack, nearly quadruple that of their neighbors. In a similar situation, Maryland raised the state’s tobacco tax last year to cover a projected budget shortfall. However, the problem was only made worse when tobacco sales fell 25% after consumers drove to nearby states with lower tax rates to make their tobacco purchases.

Chris McCalla, legislative director of the Columbus, Georgia-based IPCPR, agreed with the ATR’s position that, “It is critical to revitalize Georgia’s economy with tax cuts, not tax increases. We must lift the burden of larger government from the backs of hardworking taxpayers and consumers instead of further depressing economic activity.”

Although premium cigars are not included in the proposed tax hike, McCalla said the IPCPR’s position was preemptive and aimed at attempting to protect the long-range business interests of its members and the rights of Georgia consumers.

McCalla recounted a story told to him by Brett Chastain, owner of the Sweetbriar Smoke Shop in Columbus, Georgia. Chastain’s location serves the Ft. Benning area and many of his pipe tobacco customers are retired military on fixed income.

“These people, our heroes, are very sensitive to tax increases. The proposed state tax increase on pipe tobacco would further exacerbate the pricing issues brought on earlier this year by a 158 percent increase in the federal tax on pipe tobacco. It went from $1.10 per pound to $2.83 per pound. And Georgia wants to add to that an increase of 150 percent in state taxes? What are they thinking?” McCalla asked.

La. cigarette-tax proposal rises from the ashes

La. cigarette-tax proposal rises from the ashes

Published: Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 7:35 p.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 7:35 p.m.

BATON ROUGE — State Rep. Karen Carter Peterson is trying a second time with her cigarette tax.

Peterson’s first bill taxing tobacco products died in committee last month, amid threats from Gov. Bobby Jindal that he was opposed to any tax increase. On Wednesday, the New Orleans Democrat filed another: a bill proposing 50 cents in new taxes on each pack of cigarettes, down from the $1 per pack in her original bill.

Jindal said Thursday he’s still opposed to the tax increase.

Peterson has said a tobacco tax would reduce smoking, thereby reducing the costs of treating smoking-related health problems, while raising money for health-care programs facing budget cuts. Her proposal would impose big tax increases on pipe and cigar smokers, as well as users of smokeless tobacco.

The new bill (House Bill 889) would raise an estimated $93 million, according to figures from the Legislative Fiscal Office.

Pipe Tobacco Taxes and Powerful Secret Lobbies

If you’ve been following the news lately, a massive tax hike has been implemented on that evil weed, tobacco. Cigarettes, roll-your-own, chewing, and cigar tax rates went through the roof. Oddly enough, pipe tobacco went up about a mere $1 a pound. Since I buy in bulk from (Lane Limited BCA, hint, hint), it hasn’t broken my bank.

Why this minimal increase in pipe tobacco taxes. Here’s my theory. Powerful secret societies, like the Freemasons, the Illuminati, Templars, Skull & Bones, and The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster contain pipe smokers fighting for our rights. Well, at least one or two pipe smokers.

Remember, the Scientologists are godless heathen communists pitted against the forces of good and pipe smoking everywhere. They are the enemy. They’ve taken an oath to destroy meerschaum and briar because they interefere with the brain wavelengths of the evil aliens coming to take over celebrities. Take a look at Swordfish. Travolta only plays with his pipe, not smoking it. And when was the last time you saw Tom Cruise smoking a pipe. Aha! Bastards!