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Sakuracon and a trio of “easy-on-the-eyes” pipe smokers

I know. You missed me, didn’t you? Liar. Been tied up hoarding artwork from the Comic Art Community, and gearing up for Sakuracon. I bet you’re thinking “What a geek.” Well, let me share with you the following:

cosplay-cuties-841 cosplay-cuties-821 cosplay-cuties-111

Yeah, I thought so. Thank god my wife has given me up as hopeless.

In the meantime, it’s important to remember that I blog about serious pipe smoking issues.


Remember. Protect pipe smokers rights to, um…yeah. Right. Whatever. What were we talking about?

Pipe snob

Smoking video 3

A lot of news, but I’ve been running late all week, so…

Oh, and I’d usually not include hookah smoking, but for some reason, this caught my eye. Must be that clock in the background or something.

Comicon Cuteys

These are allegedly from the 2009 Comicon. And if not all of them are, do you really think I mind?

cosplay-cuties-841 cosplay-cuties-84 cosplay-cuties-831 cosplay-cuties-821
cosplay-cuties-811 cosplay-cuties-801 cosplay-cuties-791 cosplay-cuties-781
cosplay-cuties-771 cosplay-cuties-741 cosplay-cuties-731 cosplay-cuties-721
cosplay-cuties-711 cosplay-cuties-701 cosplay-cuties-691 cosplay-cuties-681
cosplay-cuties-671 cosplay-cuties-661 cosplay-cuties-641 cosplay-cuties-621
cosplay-cuties-611 cosplay-cuties-601 cosplay-cuties-591 cosplay-cuties-581
cosplay-cuties-571 cosplay-cuties-561 cosplay-cuties-551 cosplay-cuties-541
cosplay-cuties-531 cosplay-cuties-521 cosplay-cuties-511 cosplay-cuties-501
cosplay-cuties-461 cosplay-cuties-451 cosplay-cuties-441 cosplay-cuties-411
cosplay-cuties-391 cosplay-cuties-361 cosplay-cuties-371 cosplay-cuties-351
cosplay-cuties-321 cosplay-cuties-311 cosplay-cuties-301 cosplay-cuties-291
cosplay-cuties-271 cosplay-cuties-261 cosplay-cuties-241 cosplay-cuties-211
cosplay-cuties-201 cosplay-cuties-141 cosplay-cuties-121 cosplay-cuties-111
cosplay-cuties-110 cosplay-cuties-101 cosplay-5 cosplay-14

And before you get all critical with me, do you know how long it took me to set up this post? I had to look at each of these pictures a minimum of 3 times. I mean…what a hardship!

I can’t believe I added “boobs” and “butt” to the tags. Someone’s having a nerd-gasm as we speak.

Kari Byron of Mythbusters

Okay, I’ve posted enough about pipes for the moment. Time for some cheesecake. Click on the pictures for the large version!

God, I love science…

Kary Byron' amazing ass Kari Byron Kari Byron Kari Byron
Kari Byron Kari Byron Kari Byron Kari Byron
Kari Byron Kari Byron Kari Byron Kari Byron
Kari Byron

This one starts out with a less than flattering shot of her in a bikini, butt then we get down to business. 🙂