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Collecting Pipe Lighters

Okay, the rules are simple: must be specifically made, or designated as “OR” pipe lighter. Non-butane, wick-type.

So far I’ve got a fistful of Nimrod (Sportsman) Pipe lighters, a couple Nimrod Commanders (1950’s to 1970’s), new knockoff perpetual matches (suicidal and eats clothing), 2 Beattie Jet Pipe Lighters which are cool beyond comparison (1940 to 1960’s), a Pygmy (circa 1960), and this horrible new IMCO Petrol Super. I’m bidding on a Scripto from the 50’s-60’s, and early 1900’s Swaine & Adeney.

I also came across a really, really too expensive Dunhill from the 30’s.

And, of course, my old, worn, and beloved Zippo.

So, given these parameters: Non-butane, wick-type pipe lighter, any suggestions?

Oh, yeah, and I couldn’t afford that antique opium pipe lighter anyway. And though I lust after an Old Boy, it’s butane and doesn’t count.

Swaine & Adeney