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Meerschaum Stem Replacement

I have a Meerschaum I really like to smoke. Not a collectable, not some delicately handled pipe, not fancifully carved; just a pipe I enjoy smoking. It’s been dropped who knows how many times, scratched up, and been the subject of strange experiments involving heat guns and beeswax. Basically, it’s a beloved beater.

That being said, for the second time, I managed to drop it directly on the lip of stem, breaking the lip. Nasty sharp edge. It’s not like a tough vulcanite stem.

Stem ReplacmentSince I’ve been through this before, I ordered a stem replacement from Cup O’ Joes, but after ordering it, I wish I had seen the one from Tobacco Barn as it’s much less expensive.

On getting my replacement stem, I had to carefully unscrew the existing stem tenon “receiver” from the shank portion of the pipe. See that “carefully?” Well, I managed to break the shank. Duh!

Okay, there’s no easy way to repair a broken meerschaum. Most say to give it up. On the more laborious side, there’s a recipe using powdered chalk and the white of an egg. Now mind you, I told you at the start that this is a pipe I enjoy solely for smoking, and it’s already worn and torn, so I used the fastest, least attractive fix I could think of: superglue gel. The gel is ideal for porous surfaces. Mind you, it leaves a glorious scar across the repair if you’re less than careful…uh, like me. It’s not worth the investment of replacing the pipe (although I do plan on eventually replacing one of my briars with another simple meer) and the damn thing still smokes beautifully. I touched up the scar with a special paint marker I bought for a Halloween project a few years ago, so it blends with the shank.

So I finally carefully screwed the “receiver” into the repaired shank. Voila, good as…well, it works. And the shank? Just another scar that says, “I love you.”

Okay, that just sounded wrong on so many levels.

More Window Woes

So, remember how I told you about our windows? That when the previous owners had our house, they replaced some of the windows on the house. And we just discovered that the only thing holding these windows in is caulk.

And I think I mentioned that the company that installed them is no longer in business, but Washington Energy Services certified the work.

Well, Washington Energy Services sent out a subcontractor again, who said the windows were fine and he was going to tell WES that they didn’t need replacing.

We decided to have our current contractors set the windows back in, as we figured the WES subcontractor was full of doody.

They start on the first window and call my wife over. “Take a look at this.”

Honest to god, the window had been installed upside down. We found two of the other custom windows hadn’t been cut to match the frame, and again, only the caulk was holding them in.

Thanks, Washington Energy Services, for consistently hiring boneheads as subcontractors.

At least the windows are fixed now, albeit on our dime.