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Calling on Indo Diaspora

I have to thank Bianca at for the following information:

Hello All,

Professor Dewulf from University of California has launched a research project about the Indo Diaspora.  Please see announcement below.  If you would like to respond, you can either send me your information and I’ll gather it all together or contact him directly.

Dank je wel,

The Dutch Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley recently started a research project related to literature from and about the “Indo” community in the diaspora. In this context, we are looking for all types of text (such as novels, memoirs, autobiographies, stories, letters, articles, diaries, etc.) written by Indo’s after they left the Dutch East Indies. We are particularly interested in people who wrote about their experience as emigrant in the US (or Australia, Brazil, Suriname, etc.). All types of text are welcome, both in English and in Dutch.

If you would have such materials yourself or if you know someone who might have texts that could be interesting for our research project, please

Prof. Dr. Jeroen Dewulf
Queen Beatrix Chair in Dutch Studies
Department of German
5329, Dwinelle Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-3243