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passage de fumée de chicha chez steph

Okay, honestly, hookah smoking isn’t on my radar, although technically it is considered pipe smoking in some circles. That being said, hookah smoking does have it’s random appeal…


No news. Nothing interesting going on around here, so the usual.

I have no explanation for this video being made in the first place. 1950’s cheesecake to be sure, but it’s…well, you have to see it.

BTW, are those legs or tree stumps? And you could put out someone’s eye with that bra.

Meerschaum Dust Pipes

Thought I’d tell you a little about meerschaum dust pipes. When meerschaum is processed or carved, dust is created. Rather than waste the dust, some meerschaum pipe manufacturers will mix the dust with an emulsifier and compress the whole thing into a mold.

Meerschaum dust pipes are heavier, less absorbent, and don’t smoke as well as true meerschaum. While it may not be important to you, they’re also less valuable.

There’s no strenuous regulation of meerschaum pipes, so the only way to increase the odds of you getting a true meerschaum pipe is to buy from a reputable dealer. Also, the quality of the carvings are a good indicator. Good carvers usually don’t waste their time manufacturing dust pipes and the level of carvings are impossible to mold. S. Yanik is an example of one amazing pipe carver, and I feel guaranteed that my S. Yanik pipe is genuine meerschaum. It’s impossible to press that level of detail on the pipe.