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Engrish Prease

Okay, I know this is totally politically-incorrect, but I have absolutely no clue of what it means. I got this on Flickr, and I’m very, very confused.


I would like you to identify yourself and be decent Asjqa intimate
Special hobby, and only a photography
I love it so much
So that all the love and appreciation my friend”

Flickr is a photo sharing website, so I think this is legite. I just have absolutely no idea of what “I would like you to identify yourself and be decent Asjqa intimate” actually implies. What thel hell is “Asjqa?”

Yeah, I know, just ask them. FU.


Ah, I miss Indiana…

And here I was wasting time downloading porno from the Internet.

Electronic PantsU.S. Ingenuity on Display: See the “network of gadgets” found inside David Delagrange’s pants after he was picked up for allegedly taking upskirt photos in Castleton Mall in Indianapolis. (Bonus: Upskirts are not illegal in Indiana because Delagrange took them in a public place.) WANE-TV (Fort Wayne)

Wow. Think about how low-tech shining your shoes to a mirrorĀ  finish was. Er, not that I ever did that. But I do have a story about a topless shoeshine I’ll tell you about someday…

Flickr Pipe Smoking Group

Photos Sold

Photos Sold

Kewl. I was contacted by a magazine for permission to publish some of my Flickr photos. I said sure, provided a little information about each photo and kind of forgot about it.

Today they contacted me to tell me they’d be sending a check for $500 for 4 of the photos they are going to publish.

Fortune smiles upon the dysfunctionals. I’m a happy guy. And my Flickr pics are up to 250,000 hits, by the way.

I can use the good news. This week has been a horrible one at work. We had the holiday, which means a ton of mail waiting for us on the day after the holiday. We ended up on a national list of screwups. And I ended up in the middle of a procedural error on the part of another department.

$500. $500. That’s going to be my mantra today.