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Collecting Pipe Lighters

Okay, the rules are simple: must be specifically made, or designated as “OR” pipe lighter. Non-butane, wick-type.

So far I’ve got a fistful of Nimrod (Sportsman) Pipe lighters, a couple Nimrod Commanders (1950’s to 1970’s), new knockoff perpetual matches (suicidal and eats clothing), 2 Beattie Jet Pipe Lighters which are cool beyond comparison (1940 to 1960’s), a Pygmy (circa 1960), and this horrible new IMCO Petrol Super. I’m bidding on a Scripto from the 50’s-60’s, and early 1900’s Swaine & Adeney.

I also came across a really, really too expensive Dunhill from the 30’s.

And, of course, my old, worn, and beloved Zippo.

So, given these parameters: Non-butane, wick-type pipe lighter, any suggestions?

Oh, yeah, and I couldn’t afford that antique opium pipe lighter anyway. And though I lust after an Old Boy, it’s butane and doesn’t count.

Swaine & Adeney

What Is a Zippo Pipe Lighter?

I’ve discussed Zippos a number of times in this blog, but forgot to actually show you a Zippo Pipe Lighter.

A Zippo Pipe Lighter is just a standard Zippo case with a special insert. There are cases specifically with a pipe theme, but the insert can be moved between any standard Zippo case, so you can always have your favorite lighter turned into a pipe lighter.

Click on any image to see a larger version…

080927 Zippo 1This is my lighter. It may not look like much, but I bought the original in 1983. That dirty, grimy insert is the actual pipe lighter insert. It’s just grubby because I use it.  You can see that the sides are different than a normal Zippo insert. There are two large holes in the sides, so you can lay the Zippo on your pipe rim, and draw. Since the hole is on both sides, you can use it left-handed, of course.

080927 Zippo 2The top of the chimney is also different. There’s a cap on it, with a small hole. The cap constrains the flame so it burns better horizontally than vertically. You can still use it as a cigarette lighter, but it won’t flame up as much vertically. That cap is not welded on, so it is possible to accidentally pop it off. If you do, all you have to do is bend the tabs back out so the cap will stay in place, or if you lose the cap, you can always send it back to Zippo for repair.

080927 Zippo 3Okay, I just thought this was a cool angle to shoot the Zippo from, as I was playing with the macro settings of my camera (which I did eventually figure out). The picture doesn’t really show you anything you haven’t seen, but I hate to waste a pic. 🙂

080927 Zippo 4Finally, this is the pipe lighter turned the way it’s normally used. As you draw from the bottom, it pulls the flame down into your bowl.

Since I’m retarded at filling butane lighters, I stick with wick based pipe lighters, but there’s not that many out there.  I have been playing with some Nimrod lighters, but I’ll describe that in detail at a later time. I’m also bidding on a couple of Beattie Jet pipe lighters. Both of these lighters are no longer manufactured or available, but you can generally find them on eBay. I also have a Pygmy Pipe Lighter, from the UK, but I couldn’t tell you a damned thing about it.

I once read on a forum, that if you have a standard Zippo insert, and would prefer a pipe insert, you can send it to Zippo with a note, and they’ll exchange them for you. I can’t verify this, nor can I find mention of this on the Zippo site, but you can always email them. I’ve also picked up a pipe insert on eBay, but the inserts aren’t sold by any brick-and-mortar store I know of. If you’re wondering, eBay was where I found my insert.

Know a non-butane pipe-specific lighter other than the Zippo? Let me know!