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400 Year Old Dutch Clay Pipe

I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite pipes. I’m fascinated with Dutch history around 1602 with the Dutch East Indies Company (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie). They established colonial Dutch Indonesia, which is my heritage.

This pipe has been dated to the mid-1600’s. I’ve included a contemporary pipe for size comparison.

2006 04 24 Pipes 12006 04 24 Pipes 2

Clay pipes were used in inns during that period. The pipe would start out about the size of a Churchwarden, but as each new guest used them for smoking, they would break off a piece of the stem so they’d have a fresh smoke. This pipe measures about 6 inches, which is pretty long for a surviving pipe from this period.

1629 Historia BelgicaIt’s a nice accompaniment to a 1629 edition I have of Historia Belgica. The Netherlands emerged from the 1558-1567 war between the Low Countries (roughly Belgium, The Netherlands and pieces of Germany) and Spain. The book is a history of that period of time. The author of this book is pro-Spain. This is from my personal collection. This is printed on vellum, the book is bound in goatskin, and this is a Latin translation.


I may be going to The Netherlands this fall. My passport might actually not die a virgin.

I’ve been looking through some travel books as to what I might want to see in Amsterdam. I guess the possibility of actually going there was something I’d never see, so I never gave it any thought. I’m a little too old for the hash shops, and a lot too married for the red light district, but a couple of these travel books have been really helpful. Interestingly enough, more help than the local Dutch community.

There’s a huge population of Dutch people in Michigan, close to where I lived in Indiana. When I moved to Tacoma-Seattle, I started to wonder if I would find anymore Dutch people. I did finally find the local Dutch community, but after a couple of years with the local Dutch groups, I started to feel like the token Indo (Dutch-Indonesian). I’m dusky by comparison to the atypical Dutch folks here. There were a lot more Indo’s in the Midwest. My wife and I’d go to these local events, and the presumption was that my wife was the Dutch one.

Then again, “Jack” isn’t a terribly Dutch name. It’s Jack, kiss my ass already.

Doesn’t help that I’m shy and have a hard time being sociable. I feel more out of place here than I did in Indiana.

Some Dutch folks, who are probably friendly by nature, are friendly to me, but I’ve been to a few events where I’ve been eyed warily. By the same extent, an usher at the Seattle Opera gave me the feeling that if I’d been a little whiter, I might be more welcome. Probably my own issue, but I’ve never been back to the Seattle Opera since.

Anyway, I’m really excited by the chance I might actually go to Amsterdam! Just so I can say, “It’s Jack, kus mijn bodem.” Oh, alright. maybe not. Maybe I can just say that at the next Holland America Club meeting.