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More Window Woes

So, remember how I told you about our windows? That when the previous owners had our house, they replaced some of the windows on the house. And we just discovered that the only thing holding these windows in is caulk.

And I think I mentioned that the company that installed them is no longer in business, but Washington Energy Services certified the work.

Well, Washington Energy Services sent out a subcontractor again, who said the windows were fine and he was going to tell WES that they didn’t need replacing.

We decided to have our current contractors set the windows back in, as we figured the WES subcontractor was full of doody.

They start on the first window and call my wife over. “Take a look at this.”

Honest to god, the window had been installed upside down. We found two of the other custom windows hadn’t been cut to match the frame, and again, only the caulk was holding them in.

Thanks, Washington Energy Services, for consistently hiring boneheads as subcontractors.

At least the windows are fixed now, albeit on our dime.

Home Improvements and Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Chaos Around The House

There’s total chaos at my house. I’ve got landscapers building a wall to support a hill so it doesn’t come crashing down on my backyard. They’re also building and installing bat houses, so that’s pretty cool. I’ll have pictures on Flickr when I’m done. I hope I have this link right, but the landscaper is Landscape By Design.

I also have siding going up. They’re putting in that concrete stuff. Guaranteed for 50 years. I asked my wife what we’re going to do when the 50 years is up. She suggested we have our heirs replace it as we’ll be dead, dead, dead by then. We’re always such an optimistic couple. The sider is Coddington Contruction Inc, out of Auburn, Washington.

The dogs are going nuts listening to all the banging against the walls, voices, and other sounds. I’m lucky to go home after they’re done. My wife is home all day, and she’s fried, man, fried.

Boy, I hope this is all the work we’ll have done for a little while at least.

Leap Day

Thought I’d post something before the end of the month.

Ram Jack came out and lifted our house. Basically, one corner of our house had sunk about 3 inches. This might have been the result of ground settling over 30 years, or the earthquake back in 2000. In any case, our house was off-kilter and we needed to straighten it up. Ram Jack came out, and dug something like 9 holes around 2 sides of the house. Then they jack-hammered the…uh…”end tabs” extending from the foundation. Then they lowered these screw jack looking things into the holes and under the foundation, and lifted the house. They refilled the holes, and off they went.

The effect was really noticeable where the house was the lowest. On the bad side, by straightening the house, there were a lot of places where things had settled along with the house, and when the house was straightened, they did not straighten. To give you an example, doors that stuck, unstuck, and wouldn’t stay shut. Some hairline fractures showed up at different parts of the house. One doorframe lifted about a 1/2 inch off of the floor.

So now the house is straight. Next project is to finish the landscaping, and then reside one side of the house.

Work’s been lots of fun. Not. Today should go pretty smooth though. I like Saturday’s the best. My boss isn’t here. There are virtually no phone calls. Everyone leaves early, and comes back early if possible. It’s a long day, and I might take the mail to the plant for one of the other stations, and I like the drive. Today, what I’d like is to go home and sleep. I’m really tired. Must…have…nap…

Happy Leap Year Day!

Backyard Blitz

I told you they were coming in to work on the yard. The first part of the landscaping, clearing, is done. Two hillsides and the left side of the house has been stripped pretty clean. Some plants and bushes that we want to keep were transplanted to temporary spots in one cleared area. New trees were planted to act as a windbreak/privacy screen. One tree still has to come out.The rest has to wait until they come jack up the house. That should be around the 11th. That’ll be interesting.

Then the landscapers come back and finish their gig.

Jeezow, what a way to plow through a second mortgage. Er, equity loan. Yeesh.