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French Government Wants Women to Stop Smoking During Oral Sex

Okay, you knew I’d eventually dig up something like this…

The Daily Squib

February 27th, 2010
by Gibb Mehed

Ooh la la!

PARIS – France – The French government has commissioned an advertising campaign to highlight the dangers of smoking whilst performing fellatio.

The ad, which aired on Tuesday night shocked the French nation.

“It showed a young lady smoking a cigarette in front of a man’s crotch. She just smoked, and smoked and smoked. People were so disgusted at this that complaints jammed the switchboards to the French Advertising Complaints Board,” Jacques Le Pipe, told Le Monde newspaper.

The French government have been trying to avert the terrible problem of French women who are so bored at performing the daily French ritual of fellatio that they routinely have to smoke during the procedure.

fumer le cigare”

Sexy woman smoking“I myself have been affected by this atrocity. She was an intern in the Ministry — been there only a week. I unzipped and let it out in deep anticipation of the delights that awaited me from her moist pert lips, when she took out a box of Gitanes, calmly picked one out, looked up at me and started to smoke. I was so appalled I called for security and they kindly removed the young lady from my office. Last I heard, she is now working in a dog food factory somewhere in Calais,” Jean Baptiste, the Minister of the Interior told Le Monde.

Other members of the French parliament like French president, Nicolas Sarkozy said yesterday that he had not, as yet, had a problem with Carla. This is possibly due to the president’s weak ticker and his physician’s advice to not get too excited anymore or risk immediate death.

Where’s Bill Clinton and his cigar when you need him?

Recommended Reading: The War on Smokers and the Rise of the Nanny State

Regulations aren’t going to change, and I’m not sure how comparing it to the Third Reich or using words like “persecuting” helps the book’s validity, but it’s worth reading…

The War on Smokers and the Rise of the Nanny State

Product Description
From propaganda released by the Third Reich to legislation passed in more than fifty nations, smoking is one of society’s favorite targets. While the public goes along with persecuting smokers, Theodore J. King is here to tell us why we shouldn’t. In this book, which does not advocate smoking, King surveys smoking bans in the United States, England, and Ireland, documenting their effects on society and commerce. King interviews many people, including members of the medical community. King takes his arguments further, showing how and why bans on smoking extend to other areas of our lives – how smokers are only the beginning. Anti- smokers represent an agenda that involves everything from personal property to the way you raise your children, what you eat, and your right to freedom of speech. Authoritarians have willing accomplices in the press and government to take power at the individual’s expense. Learn how anti – smoking fanatics use tobacco control as an effective form of social engineering. King offers solutions so that smokers and non- smokers can be accommodated in a free society, where it must never be a crime to smoke in a bar, in a car, in the open air, in a restaurant, or at home.

About the Author
Theodore J. King has worked in local, state, and national politics for almost thirty years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He has written on federal matters for The Oklahoma Constitution newspaper since 2000. He resides in Rogers County with his family and several dogs.

The thing I’ve always wondered about is that the governments (Federal, state, and local) build their budgets on sin taxes, but if they eradicate smoking, where do they go next for funding? Already some legislation is in the works for taxes based on your hamburger’s food value… If they ever tax being ugly, I’m in deep trouble.