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Worked to Death

dead tiredSorry I haven’t been around lately, but work is trying it’s best to kill me. I’ve been working 3 days weeks now, 6 days a week, 12-13 hours. I wake up confused, trying to remember if I’m waking up to go to work, waking up from a nap and have to go back to work, or just waking up from a nap. One more week to go like this. Hell, half the time I don’t know what day it is.

Doing the work of  3 people, on of whom never finished their critical paperwork, and I can’t find it, and a dozen departments are demanding it on a deadline.

Also found out that headquarters thinks I don’t exist, except to pay me and take money out of my pay. Locally they lost all my information (assholes), so there was nothing to send up to HQ when they centralized there.

God, I love my job. I’m gonna need a week straight of therapy after all this.

Bettie Page Passes Away at 85

I’m so sad Bettie Page has passed away, although we knew she wouldn’t live forever. Still, her pictures will continue to be iconic, and won’t disappear any time soon.

In my teens, I had seen Bettie’s pictures, but didn’t really connect them to a person. But that look, those bangs, lingered.

In my first marriage, my father-in-law was more than a little bent. In his old house, my wife and I found two wooden boxes. He definately didn’t want those boxes open, as the hinges and hasp were attached from the inside of the boxes. Nothing gets my curiousity up like something I’m not supposed to get into, so I picked the locks. When we opened the boxes, we found a ton of fetish magazines, handcuffs, and other similar stuff. He also had several photographs dating back years and years. Interestingly enough, he had pictures of my wife’s mom in various poses, and she looked pretty hot. As I recall, even at that time, she was pretty MILF-y.

I flipped through the photos and there were a bunch of Bettie Page’s bondage pics in there. Wow! I was riveted to the spot. We eventually put everything back (but if I had kept the pics, I’d have a fortune now, wouldn’t I?), but Bettie’s image was burned into my mind.

I started collecting anything that had Bettie on it, from magazine and newspaper ads (for new wave clubs that wanted a memorable image), whatever I could get my hands on. Remember, at the time, there weren’t any lighters, lunch boxes, or god help me, bobble-heads.

We thought that Bettie was dead. There were interesting theories: That she had been murdered by a fan, whacked by the mob. Whatever it might have been, we thought she was dead and the photos were in public domain, because who would raise a ruckus about it?

I got onto Compuserve in ’87, and with the introduction of the GIF based formatted pictures, I started finding Bettie online. It wasn’t an easy process. Binaries would be posted in a text format, and then you had to use special conversion tools to make them pictures and special tools to view the pictures.

In around 1991 Karen Essex wrote an article for the LA Weekly called “In Search of Bettie Page.” Considering her resurgence in popularity, it became a mystery that people wanted to solve. After about 9 months, Bettie was found.

Bettie started showing up on America Online when I joined in ’93. You could trade pictures, and I would filter through the tons of, um, well, porn, and separate out the Bettie pics.

I uploaded Bettie to several BBS’s in around ’96, but I was in a minority of people who had imaging software that could show you pictures.

By then, Bettie memorabilia started showing up. I started buying the lighters, the lunchboxes, the books. But never, ever the bobble-head. I was traumatized by the bobble-head. I still am.

Bettie will never be forgotten.

Initial reports are that Bettie apparently will be buried at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles, but I think that may be speculation as she was born and lived in Tennessee.

I have the largest online collection of Bettie Page, quite possibly on the Internet. I generally get about 8,000-10,000 hits a day on the collection. Yesterday, there were 250,000 hits, making more than 1,000,000 views. I think this speaks for her popularity.

Thanks for all of you that have written and sent links. I even got an email from someone I haven’t heard from in almost 10 years!

We’ll miss you, Bettie.

The Decline In Pipe Smoking Explained

As you know, there are fewer and fewer pipe smokers. This can be explained using correlations.

First, 100% of all people eating carrots have died, or will die at some point.

There is a statistically significant inverse relationship between pirates and global temperature.

And after much mulling over the subject, there appears to be a sharp decline in pipe smokers beginning in the 1970’s, about the same time that microwave ovens became available to the general public.

Therefore: Carrots cause death, the decrease in pirates causes global warming, and microwaves explain the decline in pipe smoking.

Today, Rats and Cats

Another great Saturday. 3 1/2 routes down. Looks like I get to drive to the plant again.

This week we had a vehicle accident. One of our vehicles was struck by a woman driving through a red light because she was loopy from a dentist appointment. Fortunately, she was charged for the accident.

Also had an Express failure. It’s been a rough week.

My wife has a doc appointment Thursday, so I’m working Monday, which is usually my day off, and taking Thursday off.

ZoeOn the really grim side, today is my evil cat’s birthday. Zoe is a terror, and her litter sister actually gave someone a nervous breakdown. Zoe is one of these cats that will sit on a shelf and knock stuff off just to see what you’ll do. She’ll be 11 years old this year, I think. And she’s as evil today as she was when she was born. Evil. E-V-I-L.

KathyToday is also the anniversary of my 2nd wife’s death. She died during a heart procedure. I’ve made sure she’s had flowers every year since 1987. It was really hard to deal with during the first years, but now I just get a little down. Sometimes I can remember her so clearly it’s like it was yesterday, and other times everything’s fuzzy. I do still miss her. I have a better portrait shot somewhere, I just can’t find it right offhand.

Is it time for a smoke yet?