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Not Meant For The Mail Followup

Remember when I told you that you should never mail things that you probably don’t want to get into trouble for?

Well, it turns out the package contained drugs. Not just any drugs, but heroin. I contacted the DEA and Inspection Service when we got the package. A drug sniffing dog verified the contents.

The day of delivery, the postal inspectors determined the normal time the mail would be delivered, which was about 2:00 pm. They showed up around 11:30, and started getting ready. It looked like a party was going on in our parking lot, with about 20 people hanging out, yakking to each other. They were all dressed in civvies, and I thought, “This is it?”

All was fun and games until it started to get around 1:30. At this point, flack jackets, automatic weapons, and a battering ram all emerged. It looked like Inspection Service, DEA, state troopers, and maybe the FBI were all involved. The postal inspector borrowed a uniform and one of our trucks. After this was all said and done, off they went.

About two hours later most of the folks came back, and ditched their work gear, and took off. The postal inspectors hung out for a while processing paperwork.

I finally had to ask, “Well, did you get him?” My terse answer was, “Yeah, we got him.” I was afraid to pry for more details.

So ends the saga of the mystery package.

Some Things Are Not Meant To Be Sent In The Mail

You know it’s a bad thing when you have two Federal agencies looking for a package sent to┬ásomeone’s house. The DEA and Inspection Service are looking for a specific package. Can’t say who or what, but someone should’ve considered a different shipping service. I’ll let you know if this resolves itself…