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Cruise lines tighten rules on smoking aboard ships

Florida Today

It’s understandable that Norwegian Cruise Line is not allowing cigarette smoking on anywhere but the balconies, but it’s odd that they are prohibiting pipe and cigar smoking anywhere on the ship at all.

Staterooms latest places smokers are not allowed to light up

Norwegian Cruise Line’s announcement this month that it will prohibit smoking in all staterooms starting in January is the latest sign that smoking and cruising aren’t going to be a good mix in the future.

Norwegian, which sails the Sun out of Port Canaveral from October through April, said beginning in January guests will no longer be able to smoke cigarettes in their staterooms. They may smoke cigarettes on their balconies. Cigar and pipe smoking in staterooms and on balconies will be banned.

Also, smoking will be banned in all other public interior spaces on Norwegian ships including bars, restaurants, restrooms, staircases and landings.

“A lot of passengers in general are saying they just don’t want smoke-filled cabins,” said Stewart Chiron, a cruise industry expert who operates the popular Cruise Guy website. “And there is a cost in getting rid of the smell. The easiest thing is to just ban smoking.”

Norwegian’s actions come as other major cruise companies also take a harder line toward smoking. Most of the changes stem from the growing ranks of non-smoking passengers who don’t want to deal with second-hand smoke on their cruise or stay in cabins with hints of prior tobacco use.


Pipe Tobacco Taxes and Powerful Secret Lobbies

If you’ve been following the news lately, a massive tax hike has been implemented on that evil weed, tobacco. Cigarettes, roll-your-own, chewing, and cigar tax rates went through the roof. Oddly enough, pipe tobacco went up about a mere $1 a pound. Since I buy in bulk from (Lane Limited BCA, hint, hint), it hasn’t broken my bank.

Why this minimal increase in pipe tobacco taxes. Here’s my theory. Powerful secret societies, like the Freemasons, the Illuminati, Templars, Skull & Bones, and The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster contain pipe smokers fighting for our rights. Well, at least one or two pipe smokers.

Remember, the Scientologists are godless heathen communists pitted against the forces of good and pipe smoking everywhere. They are the enemy. They’ve taken an oath to destroy meerschaum and briar because they interefere with the brain wavelengths of the evil aliens coming to take over celebrities. Take a look at Swordfish. Travolta only plays with his pipe, not smoking it. And when was the last time you saw Tom Cruise smoking a pipe. Aha! Bastards!