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Quickie Zippo Search Engine Answers

inside cap zippo lights on fire: You have too much fuel in the lighter. Let the flame in the cap burn off for a bit until it starts to fade. If it just keeps on burning, flip it shut, wait about a minute and try it again. The cap will be hot, so let it cool down before stuffing into a pocket.

disassemble a zippo lighter: Don’t. The lighter parts are riveted and the rivets welded into place. You can aways disassemble it anyway, but you’ll feel damn stupid sending it back into Zippo to get it repaired, unless you’re just tinkering with a test lighter you don’t really care about.

smoke catnip: What are you? Retarded?

Smokin Catnip Pipe

Let me start out that if you Googled “smoke” “catnip” with the idea of getting high, this is the wrong post for you. Seriously. Go smoke some parsley instead.

We took one of our cats to the vet the other day. While I was waiting, bored out of my skull, I thought I’d look over the cat toys to see if there was something fun for the cats. Maybe a fishing rod with a feather attached. Maybe a French Bulldog waiting to be put out of it’s misery.

So I’m browsing the shelves, and I found…yes…a plush pipe stuffed with catnip. I had to have it. You can find Loopies Toys here. They don’t sell the pipes direct, but there’s a store directory you can look up. I’d call first since my area shows a store that doesn’t carry the pipes, and I bought my pipe at the vets where it isn’t listed.

So instead of stuffing your cat in a makeshift bong to get it high, give it a fuzzy, stuffed pipe and a smoking jacket, and your cat will be much more mellow. Except for the part about dressing it in the smoking jacket. And for god’s sake, don’t give them matches. Except the ones from India as they don’t work worth a damn anyway.