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Woman takes bat to man who smoked near her children


Woman takes bat to man who smoked near her children

June 10th, 2009 @ 12:26pm
By Randall Jeppesen

OREM — A woman decided a baseball bat was the best way to keep a man from smoking near her children.

Monday, Orem police got a call that a woman was chasing a man outside with a baseball bat near 1200 North 900 West. It turned out the call was true.

“One of them had a baseball bat and was swinging at the other individual,” Orem police Lt. Gary Downey said.

He says the man had been at the woman’s house with a friend, but then he started smoking a “suspicious” substance in a pipe around her children. She did not like that, but the man wouldn’t leave, so out came the baseball bat.

And the man got whacked a few times. When police got there the woman still had the bat in her hands. Police say the man didn’t have any serious injuries from the bat. He refused to press charges, and no one ended up going to jail.


Sometimes discretion with your pipe is the better part of valor. This is worse than Robert Downey, Jr. setting fire to his own crotch.