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Best Zippo Accessory Ever

Zippo Fuel Cannister

The worst thing about a Zippo is that it runs out of fuel eventually or the flint self-destructs, and you’re no where near your lighter supplies. You could carry them in your car glove compartment, but that’s not terribly safe, and there’s times where you’re nowhere near your car. You could carry a spare butane disposable or box of matches, but that just adds to the amount of crap in your pocket.

I had seen fuel canister years ago, but didn’t think I would ever need it. When I smoked cigarettes, I could always borrow someone else’s lighter. But smoking a pipe is different. Using a standard butane lighter will probably singe your bowl, and still make it difficult to light it.

I bought one of these a few years ago, and it’s been one of the best lighter accessories I’ve ever bought. It comes with the fuel canister, of course, which holds enough fluid to fill up your Zippo without overfilling it. A special sleeve can hold up to two spare flints. And there’s a gizmo to tighten or loosen the screw holding your flints in. Finally, it clips to your keychain. It’s pretty bulky, but it’s worth the space.

If you’re frustrated with running out of fuel or flints at all the wrong times, this is definitely worth the money.

Here’s a couple of tips that they don’t tell you. First, when you open the canister, there’s a small hole above the spout. Make sure this is at the top when you’re pouring it into your lighter. This allows the fuel to flow freely out of the container, otherwise you’ll have to shake out the fluid a few drops at a time. Second, I’d suggest just sticking a single flint in the holder. It makes it easier to get out than the two flints that are possible to stick in the thing.

Here’s the link. And here’s the official description…

Fuel Canister – 121503
Item#: 121503

Zippo Aluminum Fuel Canister


Take along an extra refill of Zippo premium lighter fluid. Reusable personal-sized aluminum canister holds enough fuel to fill one Zippo lighter. Includes swivel snap fastener, split ring for keys, disk to tighten and loosen flint screw, and rubber storage sleeve for two extra Zippo flints.”


Today we’re going to talk about tampers. A tamper is a pipe tool used to compress the tobacco as you smoke it. You do this to keep the tobacco burning, and to keep it burning cool. Without tamping, the tobacco may become too loose to continue burning, or the tobacco aerates enough to start burning hot, which makes for a hot smoke, and your pipe may crack from the heat. If you don’t think it’s possible, I ended up cracking three or four pipes when I first started smoking, and that gets expensive fast.

A tamper can be something as simple as a nail. In my case, it’s sometimes my pointing finger, which makes me walk around with smudges on my face. Nothing says “adult” like a face smudged with ashes. Fortunately, most of the time I do use a tamper. I get tired of my wife pointing out that my nose has a black smudge on it.

Czech ToolA tamper can be a tamper alone, or it can be part of a set of pipe tools. Usually your first tamper will be the three tool Czech gizmo. It has a poker, a tamper, and a small spoon. This remains my most used tool, as I can use the poker to loosen the tobacco if I’ve packed it too tight, the tamper to tamp of course, and the spoon thing to move around the tobacco in the bowl, like closer to the draw hole if necessary. I’m not sure what that spoon thing is actually meant to do, but that’s what I use it for.

Tampers can also be a collectible classy instrument, like high end pens. There are tampers made from exotic woods, pewter, formed steel; pretty much anything that can be made with a blunt end to tamp down the tobacco. These runs from the double digits, to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I’ll add here that the Czech tool runs about $3 depending on where you get it. Back to the fancy tampers…

You can find tampers by just Googling them. My favorite tampers are from Catnip Hill Trading Company. The drawback is that they are pewter and soft, and can be broken if not handled carefully. I got the Calvinist pipe tamperCalvinist tamper as a humorous gift, and I ended up breaking the tamper. There’s no fixing it. Even if you melt the tamper pieces back together, it’s never as strong as the original. So these make good collectable tampers, unless you’re a careful person, or pick a thick tamper or short tamper unlikely to break. I told you I’m a klutz.

Again, I’ve been known to use anything at hand if I’ve misplaced my tamper, from my finger, bolts, the back end of pens, keys (they don’t work very well), multiple burnt matches, a thin lighter (not the smartest of things to do). I told you, I get desperate.

Sometimes I think I should make my own goofy tampers, out of wood or something metal. If you’ve made your own unusual tamper, I’d love to hear about them. It’d also be fun to hear about anything you’ve used as a tamper in desperation.