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Urgh. The software died a horrible death, although this blog survived.

I’m going to have to completely start from scratch. I had tweaked and insanely customized the main site, so it became pretty much impossible to do a one-click upgrade with each new release, so now I may go to something more generic.

In any case, maybe with the new year, it’s a sign that I need a new start and I new simpler direction. I originally wanted to set up something more social and a little side business, but I’ve found that the Dutch and Dutch-Indonesians are more scattered in America’s Pacific Northwest, and the Dutch here are a hell of a lot less welcoming than they are in the Midwest.

In Michigan, you can’t swing a cat without hitting a Nederlander or an Indo (consider Holland, Michigan). Here, it’s mostly Asians and Norwegians. There’s a few little stores about every 100 miles apart, but the mountain ranges, bodies of water, and political correctness make it difficult to find unique cultural communities. They can’t even make a Chinatown. It’s just a “International District.”

So, I’ll be starting Brood met Kass, not this blog, from scratch. Maybe try a new Unix CMS (for you HTML geeks). Something more generic for easier upgrading.

Meanwhile, well kids, I’m off to work. Have an awesome Christmas or whatever the heck you celebrate.

I hope Black Pete stuffs you into a bag, by the way, you rats that hacked my credit cards this year.

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