Walker Briar Works Stem Restoration Kit – Review

I recently bought Walker Briar Works Stem Restoration Kit, and I thought I’d share a little with with you.

100911 Briar Works 8

You get two 1.5 oz. jars, one of the wax, and the other of the cleaner.

The only complaint I have is that other than the brief instructions on the label, you have to go to the website to get more detailed instructions.

100911 Briar Works 1

Now, this was a totally unfair test. This pipe isn’t the victim of oxidation. It’s actually a new pipe stem that I dropped into a cup of coffee. That’s me, grace in motion.

100911 Briar Works 2

Following the online instructions, I rubbed the stem with the cleaner until the stem felt smooth. Prior to this, the stem felt like, uh, something like sandpaper.

100911 Briar Works 3

I decided to try the heavy duty clean as instructed on the website. Here I have the cleaner smeared on and left to dry for 30 minutes.

100911 Briar Works 4

This is what the stem looked like after I wiped the now dried cleaner off.

100911 Briar Works 5

I applied a new coat, and following the instructions, rubbed it in with a clean cloth until the cleaner was completely off.

100911 Briar Works 6

This is the initial application of the carnuba wax. A little bit of hand buffing and this is what it came out like.

Honestly, I did a half-assed job, just because I wanted a single attempt at this thing. With more work, I’m certain I can get it to it’s original black.

I’m very pleased with the product.

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