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Neuropathy Quick Draw Pipe Holster

I have neuropathy and tremors, but we don’t know what’s causing it yet. When I know more, I’ll probably post it at some point.

Because of this, it’s incredibly painful to fold my hands to reach into my pockets and use fine manipulation. Pulling a lighter out of my pocket is literally impossible. Being unable to do simple tasks is frustrating.

Now, I figured out how to move everything to holsters, but when I fall down (which is getting more frequent), I end up either crushing what’s in the holsters, or really hurting myself where I landed on them.

Being annoyingly improvisational, I came up with this goofy pipe holster.

100912 Neuro Pouch 01

I loaded up a pouch with my pipe stuff. The snap hook you see on the back allows the pouch to move away from my body when I fall.

100912 Neuro Pouch 03

So here are the contents of my pipe holster. From left to right, top to bottom: pipe cleaners, backup disposable lighter, pipe (of course), pipe tool, fluid reservoir, lighter attached to belt snap, and the pouch itself.

100912 Neuro Pouch 04

Windcap clipped to chain. I just unclip it when I want to use it. To make the loop through the top of the windcap, I just bent a paperclip into a loop.

100912 Neuro Pouch 05

A pipe cleaner holder from Iwan Ries.

100912 Neuro Pouch 06

Zippo fuel canister. The skull attached to the clip makes it easier for me to pull it out of the holster.

100912 Neuro Pouch 07

Yep. Skull.

100912 Neuro Pouch 08

Zippo model 275. It comes with an elastic lanyard attached. Makes it easily retrievable if I drop it (boing!), and if the lanyard ever breaks, it’s easy to replace with a chain or something.

100912 Neuro Pouch 09

Pipe tool attached to key chain with a ball at the top. I can tuck the tool into the top of the holster, and the ball makes it easier to pull out.

100912 Neuro Pouch 11

I've got my eye on you…

Why yes, that is an eyeball. Torn from a screaming… uh… insert your own enemy here. Eyeball keychain from Tech Optics.

100912 Neuro Pouch 12

Again, eyeball keychain from Tech Optics. For cheap entertainment, put it in someone’s soup.

UW Insurance Fiasco

I have a lot of conservative friends that oppose health-care reform. I’m in support of it, with this example: Your mom isn’t old enough for Medicare, and she has a stroke. Are you gonna cover her dead ass (obviously I have family issues)? Yeah, I’m starting to lean more to the conservative side on other issues, but this isn’t a political post, so shut the hell up about my politics. I’m Dutch. We have a genetic political position. I don’t care if you have sex with barnyard animals as long as I don’t have to pay for it.

UW Medical CenterBut in case you DO support health-care reform, let me give you this warning tale. I was seen at UW Medical Center for my neuropathy and tremors. Now, they wanted me to register with my insurance so they could tie it in to my appointment, so I registered with GEHA, my employer-provided insurance company. Let me repeat, corporate insurance, provided by my employer.

So the next day I get this call and a lady tells me “Mr. Huster? I’m working out the registration between your visit yesterday and your insurance company, but you’re only authorized for Medicare-A.”


“You’re only authorized for Medicare-A.”

“I have a Medicare-A account?”

“Yes sir.”

“How the hell did I get a Medicare-A account?!?”

“Well, when your 65 or older you only qualify for Medicare-A.”

“I’M NOT 65!!!!”

“You’re not?”

“Jesus Christ lady! I’m only 47!!”

“You are?”

“#@$!!!. Why would I say that if I wasn’t!!!”

Duh.“Oh, let me look…………………… oh, it looks like they gave me the wrong account number.”

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, woman…”

(sound of Jack wetting his pants while he thinks about what the hell happened to HIS records)

If this is what happens with private sector insurance, think about what it’ll be like when the government takes over.

Walker Briar Works Stem Restoration Kit – Review

I recently bought Walker Briar Works Stem Restoration Kit, and I thought I’d share a little with with you.

100911 Briar Works 8

You get two 1.5 oz. jars, one of the wax, and the other of the cleaner.

The only complaint I have is that other than the brief instructions on the label, you have to go to the website to get more detailed instructions.

100911 Briar Works 1

Now, this was a totally unfair test. This pipe isn’t the victim of oxidation. It’s actually a new pipe stem that I dropped into a cup of coffee. That’s me, grace in motion.

100911 Briar Works 2

Following the online instructions, I rubbed the stem with the cleaner until the stem felt smooth. Prior to this, the stem felt like, uh, something like sandpaper.

100911 Briar Works 3

I decided to try the heavy duty clean as instructed on the website. Here I have the cleaner smeared on and left to dry for 30 minutes.

100911 Briar Works 4

This is what the stem looked like after I wiped the now dried cleaner off.

100911 Briar Works 5

I applied a new coat, and following the instructions, rubbed it in with a clean cloth until the cleaner was completely off.

100911 Briar Works 6

This is the initial application of the carnuba wax. A little bit of hand buffing and this is what it came out like.

Honestly, I did a half-assed job, just because I wanted a single attempt at this thing. With more work, I’m certain I can get it to it’s original black.

I’m very pleased with the product.