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And just when you thought it was safe to be Dutch

Bar RectumInterior viewIf you’re thinking of opening a bar, think mainstream design. Otherwise, you might hire an architect like the Dutch artist Atelier Van Lieshout, who gave us BarRectum, a long and winding rendition of the human digestive system, with the “tongue” at one end and the “sphincter” at the other. It is/was open for business outside a Vienna museum. Problem: Most patrons have to sit in the “rectum” area. Problem: The emergency exit is the poop chute.  Boing Boing

Ridiculous . . or Ingenious?

I bet the 3 of you that actually follow this blog have missed me. Fortunately, the spammers have kept me company.

HovisNews from my hometown: Thomas Hovis Jr., 52, fleeing deputies in Albion, Ind., thought he had found a nifty hiding place where they’d never think of looking. He was wrong. They found Hovis standing neck-deep in a manure pit in the outbuilding of a farm. WANE-TV (Fort Wayne)

Oddly enough, this man looks sad and embarrased. Imagine…