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Seattle Pipe Club – SLOW SMOKE: C’mon and sign up guys! 3 places left!

From email:

C’mon slowpokes!

ONLY 3 SLOTS REMAINING. Lets fill this sucker up.

We need a few more brave competitors. You get a great free pipe, a chance to win BIG and a shot at the title! What more can you ask for? Everyone can do this. There’s even a terrific & informative link on the UPCA site to show you all the tips & tricks to slow smoking.

Sign up today guys! Support your club! Thanks!!

Seattle Pipe Club’s 9th Annual Western US Regional Slow Smoke
Officially Sanctioned by UPCA
Competition Leader Emeritus Chris Berwald

When: November 12th 2009, 7:00 pm
Cost: $30 for members, $35 for non members
SIGN UP: Slow Smoke Sign Up HERE

GREETINGS Slow Smokers, Slow Hands and the just plain slow…(Oh yeah, you know who you are). Want to join the Pantheon of Slow Smokers? The Seattle Pipe Club is justly proud of our Slow Smoke contests. Join our own last years winner Patrick Pritchett and Craig Watness, the US slow smoke Record Holder, and the rest of your brothers to see who is the slowest in the Washington!

The trophy that goes to the slowest. Join the Immortals and smoke for the trophy and Glory! The Top 5 competitors win a place on the Grand Trophy. Coveted prizes go to the winners. The Grand Prize winner represents the Club in Chicago at the US National Slow Smoke Competition in May 2010.

We have room for only 15 competitors. Your competition pipe is a beautiful sandblast Savinelli billiard , tampers and tobacco will be provided by UPCA–the pipe is yours to keep no matter how fast you go out! So if you call yourself a pipe smoker then By Heaven, YOU NEED TO BE THERE! We need every warm body in the Seattle Pipe Club to turn out and cheer your brothers on to VICTORY! Because one of these MEN will win this coveted golden beauty and have their name engraved among the Immortals.

• CIPC rules will be applied. Bone up on slow smoke rules and secret techniques on the United Pipe Clubs of America . Is there really a secret to winning? Of course–smoke slowly! See the Preparing To Compete pages to learn how.

• The Seattle Pipe Club is a founding member of UPCA and as such can send our slow smoke winner to compete nationally or possibly internationally–if we’re sloooow enough!

• Prizes to be announced next month but will include fine single malt scotch, leather goods, custom tamper, T-shirts and more!

BEHOLD past year’s Pantheon of Slow Smoke Immortals! Sign up today!

ATTEND! and watch the competitors chances of winning go up in smoke.

Seattle Pipe ClubSeattle Pipe Club
Steering Committee

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