eBay Faux Pas

So I was bidding on a Scripto lighter (I’ve never had one) and then while looking things up about them, most of the links said Scripto’s used butane. Eek! I just collect wick type lighters.

In my own defense here, yes, I screwed up. I should have researched it more carefully. I’ll own up to that, but I haven’t used eBay since 2001 when I bought one item, and didn’t use eBay before then, or after until the past month.

I asked the bidder, nicely, if I could withdraw the bid because I thought that all Scriptos were butane and he said…

Seller has responded to your question about this item

Dear jacxxxx,You must not know about scripto lightes THIS LIGHTER USES REG LIGHTER FLUID PERIOD!!! NO BUTANE YOU NEED TO LEARN YOUR LIGHTERS i am 51 years old and this LIGHTER USES REG LIGHTER FLUID PERIOD!!! What you SEE ON the BOTTOM of this LIGHTER is a SCREW that screws off to PUT IN REG LIGHTER FLUID I KNOW WHAT I AM SELLING and for you saying that SCRIPTO only sold BUTANE LIGHTERS YOU ARE VERY LOST when it comes to lighters do what you have to do but PLEASE don’t take up MY TIME when you have no idea what your talking about PLEASE!!!! and this LIGHTER HAS A WICK as for LIGHTERS you have a LOT to LEARN I KNOW WHAT I AM SELLING PERIOD!!! I have a HUGE COLLECTION that i am thinning out all of them USE REG LIGHTER FLUID NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUTANE!!!!! and for your INFO ALL MY LIGHTERS I HAVE UP for AUCTION YOU GOT IT THEY USE REG LIGHTER FLUID!!!!!

– lowxxxx

Uh…okay. I kinda got the feeling that he was red-faced and screaming in my face. “Just buy the lighter from the man as soon as possible, and back away slooooowly.”

Hey out there…just tell me I’m wrong. Switch to decaff.

So, if you sell stuff on eBay and a noob asks you a stupid question, breathe, presume this is a misunderstanding, and reply calmly, even if in the negative. Corrected in this way, I’d probably bid on more stuff this guy had for sale, but I’m afraid to get my ass chewed out again.

Am I wrong?

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