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Can a Lighter Be Sent By Mail?

Thought I’d do a simple post today.

Yes, a Zippo or refillable butane lighter can be sent through the mail. Here’s how to do it:

  • Make sure the lighter has no fluid in it. With a Zippo or similar liquid fuel lighter, open the lighter and let the fuel evaporate. This may take two or three days, depending on how full the lighter is when you start. Remove the flint.
  • If it’s a butane lighter, hold down the button you use to light the lighter just a little bit. Don’t actually light the lighter. You should hear the butane hissing out. Keep going until you hear the lighter quit hissing but keep the button down for another 30 seconds. Butane is under pressure, but some low pressure butane may be still leaking out. If there’s a flint in your lighter, remove it.
  • Post Office: If you’re shipping the lighter at the counter with the window clerk, they’ll ask you “Does this contain anything liquid, hazardous, flammable…” you can honestly say no. You don’t have to declare it’s a lighter unless you’re shipping it overseas or Registered. If it’s an expensive lighter, I’d suggest sending it Registered, not Certified. Registered Mail goes straight into a vault, and is transfered through the Postal Service under lock and key until it gets to it’s destination. I’d also suggest sending it Insured. It doesn’t cost that much. Using one or the other, you can verify delivery of the lighter when it reaches it’s destination. If you use Express, it’s trackable through the entire process and is automatically insured for a $100. If it’s value is more than $100, you can always add additional insurance.
  • If you choose to use another evil, sucky shipping service, follow their guidelines for shipping requirements.

Hope that helps!