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Newsagent lights up pipe smokers’ lives

Newsagent lights up pipe smokers’ lives


THE owner of a Burton newsagent has expanded his store to include a specialist tobbaconist section — and has given his backing to the Mail’s Looking Locally Campaign.

News - Shaid Hussain, the proprietor of Good News, in High Street, Burton Shaid Hussain, the proprietor of Good News, in High Street, decided to expand his business following the closure of Jeanie’s Newsagents, formerly in Station Street.

Jeanie’s was the only store in Burton which sold loose tobacco in Burton and was run for many years by Jeanie Barwood and her late husband, Adrian.

Good News is now the only specialist tobacconist in the town centre, and sells 14 different varieties of loose tobacco, including cherry, sweet peach, vanilla, toffee, vanilla and cherry, coffee and caramel flavours. All the loose tobaccos are made in Britain.

Also unique to Burton is the extensive range of Zippo lighters, Cuban cigars starting from £4, shisha tobacco and a wide range of pipes and smoking accessories.

Mr Hussain said: “People who are looking for the cheaper option to buy, this is the place to come.”

“The only other places that sell products like ours are as far away as Derby.”

“I have had a lot of interest in the loose tobacco section already.”

“I support The Mail’s campaign. I don’t encourage smoking, but if people want to buy pure loose tobacco of good quality, I want them to know we’re here.”

“All orders are weighed and it’s about dealing with customers on a personal level. We cater for the older clientele, as well as people aged 18 and over.”

“I have plans to expand further in the future and want to be known as the tobacconist hub for Burton and its surrounding areas.”

Good News also sells an XtremeEyez range, which are contact lenses for cosmetic purposes only. There is a wide range of patterns and colours available.

Mr Hussain is also hoping to introduce more accessories and a gift range to his expanding store.

Story First Published: 01/05/2009 08:36:25

A Slow, Horrible Death

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to post lately, but my computer has been dying a slow, awful death. I have a trusty HP Pavilion DV1000. Well, not too trusty anymore.

The hard drive is failing. It actually makes a sound like a marble being dropped on tile. I had to do some amazing trickery just to get it to reboot, much less start Windows. I won’t go into the long story, but it took me 3 days just to get it limping along until I get another computer.

So now each program takes 2-3 minutes to start, and I back up my laptop to my external drive every chance I can get. I was really lucky to transfer a lot of critical files to my external before the crash happened.

My wife once called me and asked me about her computer. She asked, “Is it a bad thing when blue smoke comes out of your monitor?” This hard drive failure was kind of like that. Blegh.

Anyway, new ‘puter coming tomorrow from Dell. It’ll take me a while to transfer all my stuff to it, and then it’ll be off to the races. Posts will be spotty until then, but thanks for your patience.

I now proceed to post this, keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll work. Yeesh…