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Outwest Tobacco Customer Appreciation Discount Program is where I get my pipe tobacco from (bulk, Lane Ltd., BC-A, hint, hint). They sell pipes, accessories, and of course tobacco. And more!

I gotta tell you, I’ve been doing business with them for years. One of the things I like best is that they offer small sample packages (1 oz.) so you can try different tobaccos. Gene’s also nice enough to do business with over the phone. I once ordered the wrong size Peterson pipe and they replaced it quickly with no hassle.

I’ve linked to them in a number of places throughout this blog.

As the price of tobacco goes up, Outwest Tobacco has launched a Customer Appreciation Discount Program. Gene explains it better than I do, so here’s the progam.

April 7, 2009

Our recent price increases were necessary not only because of the increase in the Federal Tobacco Tax but also because of the additional cost passed on to us from most suppliers. 

We did a thorough review of our prices and operating costs and we were surprised at the amount of increase we had to make on some tobaccos. Ultimately, it is you, our valued customer that pays most of the price and tax increase. Note that pipe and accessory prices did not go up, they are not subject to the Federal Tobacco taxes.

And so it is timely that we have implemented our Customer Appreciation Discount Program. You might call it a
“Tax Rebate”.

Here’s how it works:

When you have purchased $100.00 worth of tobacco, pipes or accessories from Outwest Tobacco, the Discount Program kicks in. The Discount you will automatically receive on your next purchase, after reaching $100.00, will be 3% of that purchase amount, before shipping and handling. This Discount immediately reduces the amount paid by you, whether by credit card or check. It’s all programmed into our system and in effect right now.

From the customer history records we have kept since 2005 we have the total amount of product purchased by you, our valued customer. A bracket system has been established with 8 levels of increasing Discount Percents. The more you have bought, the higher the Discount Percent. When you have purchased $100.00 worth of product; tobacco, pipes, accessories, a Discount of 3% will be automatically applied to your next purchase.

For our loyal customers it gets even better. If you have already purchased from Outwest Tobacco, going back to 2005, say $310.00, the discount on your next purchase will be 5% of that purchase. The next bracket is $500.00 and the Discount there is 6%. The highest Discount is 10%.

Bottom line for you is, we are reducing the cost of your purchases from us with this Customer Appreciation Discount Program.

This is our way of saying…
“Thank You for being a loyal customer, we appreciate it when you come back.”
Gene A Crawford