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Cigar, Pipe Collectibles Gaining Momentum


Cigar, Pipe Collectibles Gaining Momentum

Smoking bans may ultimately keep cigar connoisseurs from buying that next lighter or cigar cutter, but there is a group – that may or may not smoke – that is buying cigar-related items aggressively. Collectors are being drawn to antique smoking-related items, even if their use has become less popular over the past several decades.

Pipes, ashtrays, cigar boxes and cigarette dispensers are on the list for this subculture. Others are drawn to packaging and advertising, scooping up old cigar bans, boxes of matches, in-store ads and other forms of “tobacciana.” Some are even quite expensive.

So, when your kids get on your case about the stack of empty cigar boxes in the living room, just tell them that’s how they’ll get through college … if they’re lucky.

[Photo by Steve Zak]

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