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BLASPHEMY!!! The Electronic Pipe

Good lord! Look at what I stumbled across!

e-PipeDescriptionThe ePuffer electronic Pipe is a high tech non-flammable product developed to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking. It contains, no carbon monoxide, no tar, and no cancer-causing chemicals. It looks, feels and tastes like a real Pipe.

When air flows through the device, it is detected by a microprocessor. This microprocessor then activates an atomizer which injects tiny droplets of the liquid into the flowing air. This produces a vapor mist which is inhaled by the user. The addition of propylene glycol to the liquid makes the mist better resemble normal cigarette smoke. The microprocessor also activates an orange glowing light at the tip to simulate real smoking experience.


  • 1 Electronic Pipe
  • 1 AC Battery Charger
  • 2 Recharchable Batteries
  • 3 Premium Tobacco Flavor HIGH Nicotine Cartridges
  • 1-Pack  (4pcs) Extra Bonus Nicotine cartridges (Apple, Cherry, Mint, or Premium Tobacco flavor)
  • Instruction Manual

    Benefits and Advantages

    The Electronic Pipe allows smokers to enjoy the same pleasure as smoking traditional pipe by imitating the whole process of smoking. 
    The ePuffer Electronic Pipe produces harmless vapour that looks and feels like real smoke. It is truly a healthier alternative to smoking.

    ePuffer Nicotine Strength Level

    (Z)ero 0mg, (L)ow 0.6mg, (M)ild 1.1, (H)igh 1.6mg

    Available Flavors

    Premium Tobacco,  Apple, Cherry and  Mint”

  • What would be the point?! OMG! Let me make this perfectly clear. I catch you smoking one of these and I will personally beat you to death with my broken meerschaum.

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    2008 Christmas Pictures


    Wow, am I slow at blogging lately. I never finished this post as much as I wanted, but I got sick of looking at the draft. So here’s the post as far as I got.

    Well a belated Happy New Year! I decided to keep my resolutions attainable. This year I resolve to use the Internet. There.

    I haven’t plugged any books before, but I came across a set of graphic novels I wanted to share. I was adding things to my wishlist on and then clicked Recommendations. This odd graphic novel came up, and I decided to try the series.

    Empowered is a manga-style influenced English language series by Adam Warren. Here’s why I thought I’d try it.

    Empowered, Cover illus vol 2Product Description
    Not only is costumed crimefighter “Empowered” saddled with a less-than-ideal superhero name, but she wears a skintight and cruelly revealing “supersuit” that only magnifies her body-image insecurities. Worse yet, the suit’s unreliable powers are prone to failure, repeatedly leaving her in appallingly distressing situations… and giving her a shameful reputation as the lamest “cape” in the masks-and-tights business. Nonetheless, she pluckily braves the ordeals of her bottom-rung superheroic life with the help of her “thugalicious” boyfriend (and former Witless Minion) and her hard-drinking ninja girlfriend, not to mention the supervillainous advice from the caged alien demonlord watching DVDs from atop her coffee table… EmpoweredFrom Adam Warren – writer/artist of the English-language Dirty Pair comics (the original “Original English-Language Manga” before OEL was cool), and writer of Livewires, Gen13 and Iron Man: Hypervelocity – comes Empowered, a butt-kicking, bootylicious superhero lampoon that raises the bar for long-john lust and low-brow laughs. Remove all previous notions of superhero entertainment from your puny mind… and prepare to be Empowered!’

    NinjetteDuring a period of unemployment, Warren did commissioned art. Many of these were of superheroines in bondage. While he wasn’t fond of doing them, Warren started to get an idea for a series of short, humorous .jpg’s that he’d send to friends about a kind of a C-class superheroine who was easily defeated, humiliated, but remained plucky and determined. The storylines started to grow, and he was eventually able to sell the novel to Dark Horse Comics.

    EmpoweredThe novels carry a parental advisory warning, and while there are many sexual elements and strong language, Warren never uses blatant nudity and he self-censores the “bad words.” Er, well, there are a lot of “butt shots,” but purely in the interest of advancing the story. Ahem…

    The books are hilarious, and there’s a lot of Bettie Page-style bondage images. Warren seems to love the female form, but never lets it get too serious or too real.

    While I hate to admit it, I’ve read these things 3 times, and am looking forward to the 5th volume to be released some time this year.

    Warren makes a lot, and I mean a lot, of his artwork available on his deviantART page, so you can get an idea of his style of art, and there are lots of images from the Empowered series. Warren also maintains a Myspace page.

    Honestly, give this series a try. I’m not usually a graphic novel reader, but this series got me interested in trying out some others, but none have delighted me more than Empowered.

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    Terror In The Garage

    I’m working on a longer post about something else, but I thought I’d tell you what happened yesterday.

    I keep my laptop in the garage, which is secure. It’s my little smoking office. This is my primary computer with my accounting software on it, my Bettie collection, all my photos.

    Anyway, I go to log on yesterday, and the computer tells me there’s no hard drive. “WHAT!”

    I spend the next umpteen minutes trying every solution online.

    Finally, I opened up the bottom of the laptop and it turns out that somehow, my hard drive had been disconnected from the computer. I pushed it in and it fired right up.

    10 on the Pucker Scale, I tell ya. Yeesh…

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