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December at The Post Office

How was your Thanksgiving? We had lasagna and salad, as it was just us, and I had a frozen lasagna sitting around. I always have to work the next two days, so it’s really not anything other than a quick break for me.

Christmas is looming, and we’re starting to separate colored Christmas cards from regular white ones. The machines have a hard time reading the colored cards, so we separate them for faster processing. I’m starting to see colored lettering too, and those can get real ugly.

Here’s your Christmas postal deadlines –

10 — the number of days left to mail packages by Parcel Post in time to reach their destinations by Dec. 25.

14 — the number of days left to make sure First-Class Mail and Priority Mail reaches its destination in time for Dec. 25.

17 — the number of days left for customers to ship by Express Mail to make sure their packages arrive by Dec. 25.

Meanwhile, my boss is determine to screw me out of hours. It’s ridiculous. We’re rated for 3 supervisors, or 24 hours per day,but we only have two supervisors, so our base is 16 hours. We should be flexible for 8 hours, but the District counts supervisor OT, so my boss is determined to choke off any available OT. And it’s not like I actually get paid OT, only straight time. Merry Christmas alright.

Monday is when it starts to get ugly at the ol’ Post office, as parcel volumes begin to double and triple. We don’t see as much Christmas cards or catalogs as we used to, but man, do we get parcels, especially now that DHL left the U.S.

Already have about half of my Christmas shopping done, and I’m considering what to get my wife for our 9th anniversary. Man, I can’t believe it’s been 9 years. It doesn’t feel nearly that long.

Well, just thought I’d check in. If I don’t post again before Christmas, I hope you have a happy holiday!