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Pipe Smoking Poses Penis Hazard

And you were worried about second-hand smoke…

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Robert Downey Jr’s fire crotch
Nov 2, 2008, 4:00 GMT
Robert Downey Jr. set his crotch on fire while shooting his new film. 

The actor, who plays fictional British detective Sherlock Holmes in Guy Ritchie’s latest project, was smoking the character’s famous pipe in one scene when the ash fell onto his lap and set his trousers alight.

A source said: “Robert leaped from his armchair and jumped up and down, slapping his crotch and howling, ‘Oh God, I’m on fire!’ Robert had placed the pipe on a plate on the arm of the chair, but it overbalanced and plopped into his lap, scattering lit tobacco all over his pants.”

Luckily, Robert’s co-star Jude Law – who plays Holmes’ sidekick Dr. Watson in the movie – was on hand to extinguish the flames and save the star from singeing his privates.

The source added: “While Robert was screaming and swatting his pants, quick-thinking Jude saved the day by flinging water from a flower vase at Robert’s naughty area.”

Robert emerged unscathed from the incident, but production was halted while the wardrobe department found him a new pair of trousers to wear.

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Well, Elections Are Over

The suckiest thing about national elections is that most of the drama is over by the time you reach the polls here. Of course, it’s the local stuff that was really important to me this year.

Not having voted for 20-some years, it was very different than what I remember, although I knew it coming in. Last time I voted, you still had those levers and cranks you had to pull. Paper boys were earning a little extra money by running back to the newspapers with the poll results.

This year I had the choice of a paper ballot or the electronic doohickey. My choice was clear once I asked the critical questions…”Which one is faster?” There was a line for the electronic doohickey, so I did a paper ballot. No chads here, just draw a line where you want your vote to go.

For me, the initiatives were important. Initiative 1000 provided the right to die with dignity (assisted suicide), and the other initiative was one eliminating the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes, which provides a special lane for vehicles with multiple passengers.

The rest was a process of the lesser evils, or in some cases, “the devil you know or the devil you don’t.”

I wasn’t too concerned with the Presidential election. For all the bullshit for what feels like the longest election process in history, it came out the way it pretty much always comes out. When there’s an incumbent, we’re reluctant to change, so the incumbent wins again. When there’s not an incumbent, people vote for a change in parties. Ergo, Obama was pretty much a shoe-in. You can talk about all the issues you want, but that’s the way it goes.

Well, that was exciting. Wonder what it’ll be like when I vote again another 20 years from now. 🙂