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Labor Day

Ah, another holiday I get to work. Grumble, grumble, grumble. It’s the price you pay for having Sundays and Mondays off. If the holiday falls on Monday, then my actual holiday would be Saturday…which is when I always work. The floor is clean, ready for the disaster lurking about, waiting for Tuesday. My carriers are dribbling in, but I’ll still end up driving to the plant.

Argh, just dropped my pipe for the 400th time. It’s a Big Ben Presidential that looks like it’s been used as a hammer. The part where the stem fits into the shank actually came apart from the stem itself. Now I have this funky nub I have to pull off with pliers and re-attach to the stem to clean it. What I should do is send it in for repair, but I’d just drop it again. I may have an idea to setup a buffing wheel and polish the thing with carnuba. Er, except I also burnt the edge of the bowl. Guess I just still smoke it because I’m stubborn. Yeah, I know. Hard to believe.

Cleaned the inside of my car windows today. Blegh. Smokers crud all over the place. Although what’s interesting to me is that the crud is a lot lighter than what I used to find when I smoked cigarettes. Anyway, I probably have shmears all over the place. It was too bright for me to really be able to see if I got it all the way clean or not.

Oh, here’s a little story. We adopted a puppy we named Edgar. Edgar was fine with the other dogs, but absolutely terrified of my wife and me. My wife figures he was a puppy-mill puppy and really was kind of left to fend for himself, without a whole lot of human interaction. It took us a month or so but we finally got him to want to be scruffled and we started taking him for walks. He had a harness at first, and walking him was a hoot. It was like walking a kite. He’d run from side to side, around you, all over the place. It was kind of unsafe to be around him if you weren’t walking him, and it was often unsafe even if you were walking him.

We just got him started walking with a collar on, and it’s pretty embarrassing. He’ll walk, cough, and gag. There’s plenty of room in the collar, he just isn’t used to walking with it yet. So he’s making all these horrible sounds, but having a great time, and you have a feeling neighbors are staring at you, thinking your abusing your dog. Ack…hack…gag…grin. Horrible. Like a kid that starts screaming in the middle of the store, and the parent is trying to explain to anyone that will listen that he didn’t touch the kid.

Well, gotta go do collections and dispatch, because we have no other schmuck around to do it. -sigh-¬†And now that I’m finally used to it, and have it down cold, our dispatch clerk is coming back Tuesday. S’okay, I’m not complaining.

Have a great weekend!

Long Time, No See, Work Sucks

Whew! It’s been a while since I posted. There’s been major changes at work, so I’ve been scrambling to keep up.

Four weeks ago, our other supervisor went on vacation for two weeks, so I had to work two weeks without a day off.

Then, our Station Manager got a detail in Renton (I’m in Federal Way). Lot’s of rumors surrounding that, but whatever the reason, bottom line, she ain’t here no more. And I got to work another two weeks without a day off.

Now, the new Acting Manager starts Monday, so I go another week without a day off to help her get acclimated. AND our other supervisor is detailed to another station.

2005 08 21 Cadillac 3

Somewhere, in the space of a few months, and over the years, through attrition or other reasons, I became the senior management member of the three stations. That’s a really creepy thought. The upshot is that the station I’m at is only 5-6 miles from my house, so I save a hell of a lot of money in gas. That means a lot considering I drive a Caddy with a V8.

I’ve got a work-related video I’ll post as soon as I get it uploaded.

In the meantime, I leave you with the Guinea Pig Olympics.