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Back To Old Layout, Saturday Blahs

I decided I liked the old layout better for now. I can always change back, but the new one was very serious looking, and I don’t have anything serious to say.

I have this stupid vent blowing straight down on my head and hands, and I’m really cold. I’m going to go outside and have a smoke until carriers start coming back.

Got a new cellphone with a camera, so I’m going to try uploading some pics from it to my flickr account. For a cellphone, the pics aren’t bad; at least, no worse than expected. It’s a Samsung PL-M520, or something like that. Too many bells and whistles though. I need that Jitterbug thing that just makes calls. Good lord, I’ve become a Luddite.

Ooh, while I have you on the line, so to speak…anyway, check out Gravatar. A gravatar is a “globally recognized avatar.” Kind of a portable avatar. If you make one, in general, your avatar will show in the comments of most blogs when you post. You can find out more on the website.  Here’s mine:

malicious jack in the box

New Layout

Smoke Sweet Smoke

Sick With No Relief In Sight

I’ve got some sort of stomach flu. I got to work and felt like crawling into a hole and dying. I called my boss and left a message on her phone that I was sick, and desparately wanted to home and die. Left two messages and no answer. Guess this is revenge for all the times I’ve ignored her cell calls.

The other supervisor is at a funeral, so I can’t really ask him to cover for me, so I get to spend most of the day supervising from the restroom. It’s not pretty.

Hey, it hailed a little while ago. The weather around here has gotten pretty strange for this time of year. Hail, snow, rain (which is pretty usual, actually). Between that and being sick, this would’ve been a perfect day to curl up in front of the fireplace, and barf my guts out in a bucket. Mmm…there’s a visual. Hope I’ve deeply disturbed you. Nyah.

More Window Woes

So, remember how I told you about our windows? That when the previous owners had our house, they replaced some of the windows on the house. And we just discovered that the only thing holding these windows in is caulk.

And I think I mentioned that the company that installed them is no longer in business, but Washington Energy Services certified the work.

Well, Washington Energy Services sent out a subcontractor again, who said the windows were fine and he was going to tell WES that they didn’t need replacing.

We decided to have our current contractors set the windows back in, as we figured the WES subcontractor was full of doody.

They start on the first window and call my wife over. “Take a look at this.”

Honest to god, the window had been installed upside down. We found two of the other custom windows hadn’t been cut to match the frame, and again, only the caulk was holding them in.

Thanks, Washington Energy Services, for consistently hiring boneheads as subcontractors.

At least the windows are fixed now, albeit on our dime.