Bellevue = Hellhole

I worked in Bellevue today, and I’ll be working there part of the rest of this week, and part of next week. I forgot what a gruelling commute it is; two hours one way. Half a tank of gas a day. And regular gas is over $3 now. And I have to fill up with premium!

I don’t know what it’s like just to visit Bellevue, but with my job, I just like to think of it as “that hellhole.”

I worked there for a year, lesse, six years ago, and it burned itself in my psyche. I’ve started smelling smoke again.

They put me there for the next two weeks because I was really getting stressed out. Of course, now I’m just exhausted. I won’t say I’ll be glad to be back, but the commute is 10 minutes from my regular workplace.

Okay, two weeks of this. I can do it standing on my head. If I could stand on my head, that is…

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