I may be going to The Netherlands this fall. My passport might actually not die a virgin.

I’ve been looking through some travel books as to what I might want to see in Amsterdam. I guess the possibility of actually going there was something I’d never see, so I never gave it any thought. I’m a little too old for the hash shops, and a lot too married for the red light district, but a couple of these travel books have been really helpful. Interestingly enough, more help than the local Dutch community.

There’s a huge population of Dutch people in Michigan, close to where I lived in Indiana. When I moved to Tacoma-Seattle, I started to wonder if I would find anymore Dutch people. I did finally find the local Dutch community, but after a couple of years with the local Dutch groups, I started to feel like the token Indo (Dutch-Indonesian). I’m dusky by comparison to the atypical Dutch folks here. There were a lot more Indo’s in the Midwest. My wife and I’d go to these local events, and the presumption was that my wife was the Dutch one.

Then again, “Jack” isn’t a terribly Dutch name. It’s Jack, kiss my ass already.

Doesn’t help that I’m shy and have a hard time being sociable. I feel more out of place here than I did in Indiana.

Some Dutch folks, who are probably friendly by nature, are friendly to me, but I’ve been to a few events where I’ve been eyed warily. By the same extent, an usher at the Seattle Opera gave me the feeling that if I’d been a little whiter, I might be more welcome. Probably my own issue, but I’ve never been back to the Seattle Opera since.

Anyway, I’m really excited by the chance I might actually go to Amsterdam! Just so I can say, “It’s Jack, kus mijn bodem.” Oh, alright. maybe not. Maybe I can just say that at the next Holland America Club meeting.

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