Archive for 10th January 2007


There was a minimal amount of snow today, so putting chains on all of our vehicle tires wasn’t really necessary, but if this new snow falling sticks around, it’ll be interesting. Snow in western Washington seems to mean car fires and rollovers on our highways. And I’ll probably end up rescuing professional mail carriers, drivers, with my Cadillac tomorrow. It’s pretty embarrassing when your commercial vehicle needs rescued by a guy in a red Caddy. But I come from snow country, so I’m more experienced than most of these folks.

The highway thing, well, these guys don’t give each other a lot of room between vehicles, and seem to keep their cars on cruise control. A recipe for disaster around here.

The new snow is beautiful. We were the first ones to trape around the block with our dogs tonight, leaving the first footprints on the snow. I’ve got a dog thawing with me in the garage as I smoke a pipe and write this.

Well, goodnight!